Privacy Policy

TL;DR: Your Facebook data and search history are not stored or shared with anyone.

When it comes to search, user privacy is a very important issue and we take it very seriously. Unlike Facebook, Google and many other search engines, Search For Posts app does not make money by serving advertising based on user queries. The app only stores the index data on the user’s device and does not share it with anyone. The search history is not saved. Since the application is only using the approved Facebook API (Application Programming Interface), it is impossible for the application to circumvent the privacy settings set by users on Facebook. The app only can access the data that is available to the logged in user based on privacy settings of the Facebook posts. Below are specific details about our privacy policy:


To perform the search, the app needs user’s permission to access the user’s posts, photos, videos, events and the newsfeed. To be albe to select a friend or a page to search, the app requires the permission to access to the user’s friend list and likes. Only the friends that also use the app are available to search.

Information We Collect

We collect certain non personally identifiable information to analyse the app usage and improve the app’s functionality. Specifically we collect the following information only:

  • The number of indexed posts, photo albums, photos, videos, events and places
  • The date range of the search request
  • The number of search results found
  • User’s device UUID (The device UUID uniquely identifies the user’s iOS device to the app only. The user cannot be identified using the device UUID.)
  • The version number of the app and whether the user has purchased Unlimited Search Results

Users’ Facebook Data

The app stores distinct words found in Facebook posts as well as the timestamps when the posts where made and Facebook post IDs on the device running the app only. The data is not available for any other app on the device. The actual Facebook posts are always retrieved from Facebook’s servers and are not stored in the app. The data transfer between Facebook and the app is performed using secure encrypted protocol (HTTPS). The app accesses Facebook data using Facebook API (Application Programming Interface) only. No user data is shared with any third parties or the app developers.

Facebook Privacy

All of Facebook privacy settings are in effect. The app can only act on behalf of the currently logged in user and can only access the information to which the user has access based on Facebook privacy settings. By using the app no one can see the user’s information unless the user has granted them explicit access specified in Facebook privacy settings. This is enforced by the Facebook API and no app can circumvent that.

If you have any questions about the privacy policy or about the app in general, please don’t hesitate to contact the developer at