The first time you select a friend or page to search, the app needs to index all posts of that user or page by storing on your device the set of unique words contained in the posts as well as the the metadata required to retrieve the posts from Facebook. This process may take some time, but only is required to be performed once. It is recommended for you to be on fast Internet connection like WiFi while indexing is in progress. After indexing of all posts is complete, only the new posts will be indexed going forward.

You can perform searches while indexing is in progress, but only the posts that were created after the earliest indexed post will be returned.

When the search is performed, the app searches the index data stored on the device to find matches for keywords and/or time frame. Once it finds the match, it uses the metadata of the post to load it from Facebook. This means that if the post is deleted from Facebook, it can’t be displayed by the app. In this case the entry for this post is deleted from the index.


The index data is stored only on the user’s device and is not shared with any third party. The index data is only used for the search functionality of the app. Only unique words are stored in the index, not complete sentences.

Updating Index

If the data on Facebook changes, the index is automatically updated as follows:

  1. When the user searches for keywords that are contained in the index, but the Facebook post no longer contains these keywords, the index is updated with the latest distinct words contained in the post.
  2. If you edit a photo caption or title/description of a video, that photo or video will be reindexed next time the app is performing the indexing. You can force indexing by pulling down on the main search screen.
  3. If the post referred to by the index no longer exists on Facebook, the index entry for the post is removed.

If a new comment is posted to a post that has already been indexed, that comment will not be searchable by the app. Also if a post is edited after it has been indexed, the app will not be able to find it based on the new words that were added to it. Periodically you may want to delete the index so that it is recreated from scratch and include potential new comments and post edits. To delete the index, tap on the (i) button next to a person or page and tap Remove Index button on the profile screen of the user/page.

If you have any questions regarding indexing, please don’t hesitate to contact the application developer at