Unfortunately Facebook developer platform has changed in such a way that the app can no longer function. It has been good 8 years for the app, it helped many people find their posts on Facebook, but going forward we’ll have to resort to the search capability of Facebook itself. Thanks to all users of the app who have purchased the unlimited search results. And I am sorry that the app has come to the end.

Search For Posts developer


Welcome to Search For Posts app – your one tool to find Facebook content quickly and easily on the go.

Why Search For Posts App?

We post tons of content on Facebook, but it is not easy to find something that was posted a long time ago. Search For Posts app solves this problem by letting you search for your Facebook posts, photo albums, photos, videos, comments, places and events by using text search or providing range of dates.

You can also search for the content posted by a specific friend that uses the app or by a Facebook page that you like.

But Facebook already lets you search for posts!

Search for Posts app was written years before Facebook finally came up with their own the search feature. But still the app has the following advantages:

  • The Facebook search for posts feature is not available in all countries. The app works with any Facebook account.
  • The app lets you search not just for posts, but also for photo albums, individual photos, videos, comments, tagged places and events you were invited to.
  • The app presents the results broken down by type (i.e. photos, videos, comments, etc…).
  • The app lets you search by specifying the start and end dates of when the content was posted on Facebook.
  • The app shows you the statistics of how many times various words were used, how many posts you have broken down by month and year, and your friends sorted by number of comments they posted on your content.

How does it work?

The app indexes Facebook content by finding the distinct words in posts, photo albums titles and descriptions, photo captions, video titles and descriptions, comments, names of tagged places and event titles. It stores these sets of words in the database on your device along with the timestamp of when the items were posted on Facebook and the unique Facebook IDs that can be used to bring up the actual Facebook posts. When you enter the keywords and/or the range of dates, the app searches the database on the device to find the items that contain the keywords and that fall within the date range. Using the items’ Facebook ID, the app loads the actual posts from Facebook.

Is my Facebook data safe?

Yes. The app stores the index data in the database on your device only. The database cannot be accessed by other apps. The app does not share or sell any of your Facebook data with anyone.

What can I do with the search results in the app?

You can see the found posts, display photos full-screen, watch videos. You can also open the found content in Facebook mobile website in Safari. You can share links to found posts via SMS/Email/Air Drop and more.

Is the app free?

It takes time and effort to develop and  maintain an app. Free apps usually are financially supported by advertisements which require users to submit their personal data. Search For Posts app does not have any advertisements and therefore only relies on a small one-time payment from the users.  You can try the app for free with the limitation of maximum of 3 search results displayed. You can unlock unlimited search results via a one-time in-app purchase. The price is subject to change and can be seen in the app at the time of making the purchase.

Who wrote the app?

The app is written by Raphael Pungin, an avid Facebook user but not affiliated with Facebook. If you have any questions about the app or any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact the developer at info@searchforposts.com.